Wednesday, February 28, 2007

One of these things is not like the other...

So... I realize it's like 5:30am and I'm walking a fine line between consciousness and delirium... But as I was reading through my own blog, (pathetic, I know), I couldn't help but notice that one of these pictures seems to be a little different than the others. I can't quite put my finger on it... but something seems to be missing in one of them.

Hmmm... Perhaps my wise and quick-minded husband can figure it out for me... If he can't tell, maybe some of my devoted bloggers can help me out by enlightening him!!!

(Sorry honey... couldn't resist!) :)

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Fun Continues!!!

So as if my little visit with Jessica (see below) weren't enough...
Meet JoEllen and her family:

JoEllen went to IWU but I never knew her while I was there. I was led to her blog via my favorite professor, Doris. JoEllen delivered TRIPLETS believe it or not... awhile back. Baby Breckin went home to be with Jesus (and Ricky) soon after he was born... and Jakobi and Maylee are pictured above with their big sister Caislyn.

You can read about them by clicking on the 'Hummels' link on the right. Breckin also has a blog that you can click on as well.

Anyway JoEllen's sister just had a baby and she's coming in from Ohio to see them. And it just so "happens" that she's coming while Jessica is here!!! We've all been chatting online since last October or so and it's going to be SO neat to meet in person and get to know each other more!! These women have meant the world to me over the last few months and I am so blessed to have them in my life.

See you soon girls!!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Update on the Drivers License

Yes... I passed the DUMB test! (barely - as Eric would add) :)

Frankly, I could care less about how knowledgeable I am regarding the distance behind another vehicle in which I am obligated to turn on my low beam headlights at dusk, or whether you have to be 16 and 30 days having possessed a permit for 6 months, or 16 and 180 days old having possessed a permit for 6 months to receive a valid drivers license in the state of Indiana. GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

I almost failed a second time just because I couldn't concentrate with numbers and names being shouted out in the room! Eric had to get his license renewed (of course no test for him)... so he was done way before me. Just sat there smiling at me, never even attempting to mouth me an answer or two... unbelievable!

So... here's where things stand:

I finally have an Indiana driver's license. (Nevada's was WAY prettier)
I look like I'm about 14 in my new picture and I have a double chin. (I used to get compliments on my Nevada picture)
I have already forgotten all the rules of the road.
I no longer have beautiful mountains on my license plate BUT....
the GOOD news is that my NEW plate... yep... Indianapolis Colts logo!!

Turns out things aren't so bad after all...

My Famous Cousin

So I hope I don't get in trouble for announcing this to the world... but you all should set your Tivos to be sure you don't miss Oprah today. My cousin Lisa was chosen among 15 other people to work on a weight loss program with Bob Greene and Oprah. The introductory show airs today! Lisa won't be on stage with Oprah - they chose only 6 people for that and I'm pretty sure it's 'cause her life is probably not screwed up enough! :)

Anyway... rumor has it she was sitting in the 2nd row behind the guest's families. I'll quote my aunt for the rest of the description: "Lisa wore a maroon sweater & is sitting next to a Japanese lady (who kept sneezing on her - yuck!) "


Anyway... she's got long brown hair and she's super cute. Maybe you'll catch her!! Since they will be tracking her she'll send in a video in 6 months that the producers will evaluate... I guess to see if she's worthy of MORE public attention!! Either way... we're all cheering her on and I'm feeling inspired to get my own butt back on the treadmill!!

Way to go Lisa!!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

My Long Distance Relationship

**warning this post experienced many technical publishing difficulties so you'll have to excuse the format**

I'd like to introduce you to someone I've only known a few months... but feel like I've known for much longer than that. This is Jessica, her husband Corey, and 4 beautiful boys:

Jessica "happened" to stumble across Ricky's blog back on October 11th... this is the message she posted to me: (hope you don't mind Jess)

Meghan, I truly believe that the Lord brought me to Ricky's webpage tonight for a special reason. I don't know why I happen to put in the last name James as I was looking at other webpages, but now I do. I was so touched by your brave words and many of them hit so close to home for me that as I sat here reading your words tears streamed down my face. My son Callen was on TPN until a month ago, he has a feeding tube and has been back to the hospital twice since we have left. I know you understand that although it is a difficult road, it is one filled with joy and the journey has brought me so close to the Lord and 'his plan" that I have never doubted it. Please check out Callen and his twin brother Coleman's babyjellybean page, last name Wilson. You are an amazing person, and Ricky has touched my life, I prayed for you today! In Christ, Jessica Wilson

We have been emailing and praying for eachother ever since and here's the cool part: A couple weeks ago her awesome, thoughtful, sweet, giving, selfless husband Corey, (hint, hint Eric), :) emailed me to ask if it would be ok to surprise Jessica with a flight out to visit me for her birthday!!! I of course was thrilled! She'll be coming all the way out here from Oregon in a couple weeks for a few days of bonding which will undoubtedly involve plenty of laughing, crying, shopping and Margaritas!! (Eric can't wait!)

Her friendship has already blessed me beyond words, and I cannot wait to see where life takes us! You can read their blog by clicking on the "Wilsons" link in the right hand column. Cole and Callen's website can be found by clicking the "Miracle Twins" site...

Friday, February 16, 2007

Winter Wonderland

OK everyone else is showing pictures of their snow covered homes... so I guess it's my turn. I'd say the 13-14 inches we got is more than enough. It's all very pretty and everything... but really, too much of anything is not such a good thing. The unfortunate news: 1-3 more inches on the way tomorrow...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Priviledge of Being a Nurse

Message to the public:

"Stay in your homes. Do not attempt to navigate the roadways until further notice. If you are caught driving for reasons beyond an emergency, legal action will be taken."

Message to all hospital employees:

"The hospital does not have SNOW DAYS."

"Get your shovels out and create a path for your vehicle. Get your butt in the car and drive to work. If you cannot get out of your driveway or are too freaked out to drive yourself - no call-ins will be accepted. Instead we will come and pick you up."

"Oh - and if you have been at work all day and are scheduled tomorrow. A hospital bed will be assigned to you and we would prefer that you sleep here so that you cannot try to call in for the morning."

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wedding Pictures

A friend of mine sent me some wedding pictures. Since our photographer has all but completely disappeared on us... they may be all we have!! So thanks for coming through for us Alex!

(Eric's neices don't love him at all! :)

Mia was terrified of the "Ring Bear" at first... but she now promises us all that she will be marrying Ethan someday!
A little bonding with "the girls" the night before the wedding... Melissa, Stacy, Alex, and Carrie.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Snowed In

The report is for 12-20" of snow in the next 48 hours.

If you don't hear from us... please send help.

Thank you. :)

Rules of the Road - Who Knew??!!

Below are a few of the reasons why I apparently should not be allowed
to drive in the state of Indiana:
Reason #1

Indicates a center turn lane only

Reason #2

Specifically a warning type of sign

Reason #3

The acceptable speed for passenger vehicles traveling on a Rural Interstate Highway (defined as an urbanized area with a population of at least 50,000):

70 mph or as posted

(and make sure you slow down to at least 20mph to count and ensure the population is at least "50,000")

Reason #4

The acceptable speed for passenger vehicles traveling on an Urban Interstate Highway:

55 mph or as posted

And the #1 Reason why I have little respect for the state of Indiana's "Rules of the Road":

The Roundabout

(A traffic system put into place with the intention of slowing multi-directional traffic and minimizing intersection accidents. Indiana is apparently obsessed with this concept and while it looks pretty... one soon finds that upon embarking along it's path they are actually at even greater risk of causing if not just becoming an accident; not to mention the half-hour one spends sitting at the entrance just waiting for their turn to ride the merry-go-round!)

Now, I will explain:
I finally (with great reluctance) decided it was time to let go of my Nevada license plates and drivers license. I have now, after being here for almost a year, come to the realization that I am indeed a "resident" of Indiana. My work is here. My job is here. My dog is here. And, oh yes, my husband is here as well. While it is difficult to admit, I no longer own a home in Nevada... nor am I even the slightest bit close to "swing up to Tahoe" for the day, or meet my friend Carrie at Starbucks. Though I have remained in denial for quite some time now... the truth is that no matter how hard I look (and I have) - there are no mountains. I know it must come as a shock to many of you back west, but seriously, I look around and this is what I see: corn fields, wheat fields, bean fields... I step outside for 2 seconds and lose all feeling in my fingers due to the cold. My once black Jeep Liberty is I think forever now coated in a thick white sheet of salt from the road. Carbonated beverages are once again referred to as "pop", rather than "soda". Vaccuuming is really "sweeping". (Don't ask me what sweeping is then... I don't really do it anyway so I guess it really doesn't matter). And all around me people are "fixin' to get me some dinner".

Yes... I am home.

Which brings me back to the rules of the road. I failed them. Yes, it's true. I missed one question too many... and while I tried hard to argue in defense of one answer specifically... it was no use. And if that wasn't humiliating enough... the 16 year old right behind me passed with flying colors. Gag.
Above, you will see some important information that somehow I have escaped the knowledge of all these years. Let me assure you: I know the answers now. Tomorrow I will attempt once again - to achieve something I now perceive to be vital to my existence. My Indiana Drivers License. If I fail once again... I suppose I will have to return to the great state of Nevada where I am still appreciated and upheld as a safe and respected member of the driving society. My license is still good there for 2 more years... my picture is one of my all time favorites... and best of all: they have no roundabouts.

Wish me luck!

Friday, February 9, 2007

Welcome Tyke!

No... not to our family! Max is quite enough! Tyke is Spike's (introduced below), new baby brother, and a half brother of Max! We are so happy for Spike's family as they are able to welcome an adorable new addition in the midst of so much sadness in dealing with Spike's illness.

Kind of makes you all want to get one doesn't it???

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Man's Best Colt's Fan

OK let me first make one thing clear: I am really NOT one of those foofy pet owners who dresses and spoils their pet with gourmet food, etc... treating them better than other members of the family. But this was too cute - too COOL to resist!
It came a little late... but I couldn't resist!
(And I think he actually LIKES it!!)

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Ode to Spike

The following post has been written by our dog Max, but translated into English and typed by Meghan so all could understand and read:I would like for you all to meet my best friend, Spike. (He's the one on the right in this picture, I'm on the left) Spike lives in Nevada. He lives with his mommy, daddy, and two brothers. When I lived in Nevada, I spent a lot of time with Spike and his family. They would take care of me when my mom was working, when my little brother Ricky was sick and in the hospital, and sometimes when my mommy just couldn't stand to have me tripping all over her feet anymore. Sometimes Spike would come to my house for sleepovers too... but we always had more fun at his place 'cause his big brothers are a blast!

The reason for my post is to let you all know some very sad news. Spike's mom called me yesterday to tell me that Spike is dying. He has some disease that I can't pronounce (Lymphoma) and the doctors have only given him a few weeks to live. When I first found out... I set out right away for Nevada to be there for my best buddy. I thought for sure that maybe his missing me so much was making him think that he was sick, when maybe he wasn't. However, mom told me that the journey was too far... and it was just too cold. So instead, I'm selecting my very favorite toy to send to him, and asking you all to pray for his family. Spike is only 3 years old (21 for you humans)... and I just can't believe that this is happening to my best friend.

His family is very very sad, but they also had some happy news. On Friday they are adopting a new puppy who happens to be a half-brother of mine. (Our daddy gets around a lot). His name is Tyke, and Spike will have the opportunity to show him around his home, play with him, and make him feel comfortable.

So Spike, here's a "bark out" to you buddy. Even though we've been apart for almost a year now... I want you to know that I've never forgotten you. I still run to the door with anticipation when mom or dad ask me where you are. We had some pretty special times... like chasing eachother around the dog park, and lounging next to eachother by the fire. Oh sure, we had our ups and downs... like when we'd get caught crossing that "friendship line" and pretending that I was a girl and... well... you know. But in the end, you've always been there. I can still smell you on my toys... and nobody knows me the way you do.

I'm praying for a miracle buddy... 'cause I've been working out getting ready for another chance to wrestle with you. But if you just get too tired... I want you to take really good care of my little brother Ricky up in heaven. Give him a big lick on the ear for me (he always hated that)! Watch your nostrils when you see him though... he had a tendency to go poking...

I love you Spike. You hang in there... and tell Tyke I'm looking forward to meeting him and telling him about all the great times you and I had.
Love, Max

One more thing Spike: I'm really sorry for all the times that I manipulated you just to steal your treats... I'm sending you your own box... straight from my favorite stash.

Monday, February 5, 2007

Sorry Bears! But you'll always have '85!!

I'll try not to rub it in... but WE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Really... we SMOKED 'em! I mean, aside from that freebie that we gave them with the intial kickoff... (just trying to boost your morale boys, before taking you DOWN!!!

Here's a pic of Payton and Coach Dungy. My favorite part of the game: when Dungy responded to the comment about being the 1st African American coach to win a Superbowl with the statement that the bigger achievement was that both he and Lovey Smith were Christians. What a neat man... what a great testimony.

While the game was a blast, the commercials were awful - what a disappointment. Honestly, what was that all about??? Good thing I cared about the game this year!!!

So Amanda... Carrie... I think you owe me a few bucks. I think at the very least a cup of coffee at Starbucks... You know how to get a hold of me! Talk to ya soon!!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007

So here's what you gotta do:

Josh and Shelly Buck (scroll down if you missed my story about them in a previous post)... are now back home in Michigan where he will now be in a rehabilitation center for 2-3 months. Many of us have banded together with the idea to nominate them for Extreme Home Makeover. I personally love the show and can't think of a more deserving family at this point. So here's what we'd love to have you do if you are willing to take the time:

A) Cut and paste the following link: to view them and some of their story on the news interview done last evening. (For those of you who are less computer savvy... just highlight the entire link and rightclick to COPY. Then highlight your address bar up top and RIGHT click again selecting PASTE. hit enter

B) Email Extreme Home Makeover to add your vote to the main nomination. Send an email to the following address:

Subject Line should read: "Watch for an Application from Josh and Shelly Buck!" Briefly explain why The Bucks are in need of an Extreme Home Makeover, and include why you personally support the nomination.

When the application is sent in, we will continue to send emails with a new subject line. Stay tuned.

I know that most of us have never met and likely never WILL meet Josh and Shelly... but this family is one that has in spite of so much pain, never once failed to give all glory to God. I think as Christians, it's our responsibility to do anything we can to make sure that God is seen by any and all who come to know their story. Think of what a neat Extreme Home Makeover episode it would be!!

Thanks everyone...