Thursday, February 15, 2007

The Priviledge of Being a Nurse

Message to the public:

"Stay in your homes. Do not attempt to navigate the roadways until further notice. If you are caught driving for reasons beyond an emergency, legal action will be taken."

Message to all hospital employees:

"The hospital does not have SNOW DAYS."

"Get your shovels out and create a path for your vehicle. Get your butt in the car and drive to work. If you cannot get out of your driveway or are too freaked out to drive yourself - no call-ins will be accepted. Instead we will come and pick you up."

"Oh - and if you have been at work all day and are scheduled tomorrow. A hospital bed will be assigned to you and we would prefer that you sleep here so that you cannot try to call in for the morning."


Anonymous said...

I am laughing hysterically at this post!! IT'S SOOOOO TRUE!! I worked those terrible days of the storm (we have about 6 inches on the ground in Dublin OH with a lovely layer of glistening ice on top...makes driving interesting). I remember driving down the highway praying all the way as I watched cars spin to-and-fro around me (probably other medical folks!)! YIKES! The best part was coming out the garage after a 16 hour shift to a car w/o ice - then driving home, only to get stuck halfway in my parking spot and halfway in the street. Oh forgot something in your announcement...."AND, put on your 'warm scrubs'; which are the equivalent of a bed sheet in the Motel 8 for warmth and get it moving, monkey!! The patients await you and the management does, as well; although they will not be reporting today. It's too icy!!! ;)" LOL!! You know, we really do love our jobs! I love those babies and would walk there if I had to....okay, maybe not walk...but, I would call a scary cab. ;)
Thanks for the laughs...
(p.s. I cannot remember my ID to log in to my blog....hence, the lack of posting)

Meghan said...

Oh yeah! And not only go out in the bedsheet scrubs... but too bad if your clogs don't have any heel backing to them!!! So sorry that we plowed the parking lot and left a 3 FOOT DRIFT behind your back tires. You'll have to get your socks soaked and dig out with your hands! (This truly happened by the way... only there was no digging for me. I put that sucker in 4 wheel drive LOW and barreled backwards!)