Thursday, October 17, 2013

Dinos and Octopus!

This homeschool thing has, surprisingly, turned out to be a whole lot of fun and not nearly as much stress as I thought it would! Kate presents the greatest challenges for us, but most days we are able to get things done during nap time. We've just finished up a couple units on Dinosaurs and Octopus, so here are a few highlights!

Ella's reading has really taken off, and I'm hardly needed anymore! LOVE that she's able to read to her sister sometimes!
Sometimes I feel like Claire gets the most out of the days when she's with us! Really proud of the progress she's making this year!
Running the length of the largest known dinosaur.
A fall craft play date with Heritage Builders!
Learning how to tell time...
Noah meets Willy Nilly Dinosaur...
Ella completely her first math book!
Underwater ocean habitats.

What exactly does the ink the octopus squirts do in the water???
"Ohhhhh...." :-)
Time for subtraction!!
Trying to run with the weight of our sin bearing down on us...
Running free "from the sin that entangles us"..



Sunday, September 22, 2013

Bug Week!

One month into our homeschooling journey, and while I'd never thought I'd admit it... I'm thoroughly enjoying it! Ella and Claire seem to love it as well. While I've slacked on the blogging big time over the last couple years... I'm really hoping to use it more to post our pictures and memories. In part, to spare the Facebook world who could care less about every craft we do! And mostly, to document our days so the girls can't come back one day and accuse me of never doing anything with them when they were little!! ;-) SO... Without further ado, I present BUG WEEK!

Doing her "wake up and pay attention to Mommy" jumps.
Studying our Ant habitat.
Not a fan of my counting by 5s song...
Homemade Roly-Poly Habitats.
Ladybug snack