Friday, March 28, 2008

Mistaken Identity

Tonight on Dateline the families of Laura Van Ryn and Whitney Cerak are being featured in a special 2 hour Dateline. These were the girls whose identities were mixed up in the horrible accident here in Indiana involving a semi and van carrying Taylor University students. They are going to be sending an incredible message and testimony to the world about all that transpired for them after the accident... and I really encourage you to watch. I went to school minutes from Taylor and also spent many years at their Youth conferences when I was in high school, so in a small way compared to many, this story hit home for me. This morning on the Today show they spoke volumes in just 10 minutes... glorifying God and showing no anger or resentment of all that happened. To this day, neither family have ever filed a lawsuit. Hope you can catch it!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Baby Showers!

Here's a few shots from the two fabulous baby showers I have had so far! Most recently, my best friend Susie, her mom, and an old friend of mine - Kathy, all showed myself and many of my closest old amigas a really great time! They went all out and I was truly "showered" with adorable baby things, wisdom, and yummy food!

A photo op with Susie... shot from the "skinniest" angle possible! :)

How adorable is that?! A long distance present sent from Lake Tahoe... Thanks Vicki! It's a welcome variation from the ever popular "pink"!

My "Surprise Guest" at the shower! Deanna showed up all the way from Iowa! I haven't seen her since her husband Marty married Eric and I a year and a half ago... and it was SO great to have her there! (I love you Deanna (and yes, I know you're reading this... stalker!))

Creative decorations...

I began babysitting for Kimberly when she was only a few weeks old and she made this adorable cake! We told her she needs to go into business!!

A couple weeks prior to the "friends" shower in Chicago... Eric's family threw us another amazing little party! Eric decided to join us that day since he heard there was good food involved... he even won the diaper bag memorization game... :)
We enjoyed good food (including a chocolate fountain)... and good laughs. Thanks everyone for making it so special!

Not hard to find the kids!!

I never would have managed to get all the gifts open without Mia's help!!

Grandma Joyce and Alyssa ready for a Kodak moment!

How Cute is This?!

So Eric did an incredible job with the chair rail in the baby's room! The paint job, although you really can't see it in the pictures, is also the perfect combination of pink and not-so-pink colors... The room looks amazing - and that's because I wasn't allowed to come near it with a paint brush or a hammer!

Friday, March 21, 2008

So Much to Blog... So Little Time...

OK... I have a million things to share and blog about... a couple baby showers, a trip to Louisville to see my grandparents, an almost completed baby's room, etc. But I have to get the pictures uploaded and that's impossible when I'm forced (yes, forced) to work 12 hour night shift back to back for days on end, all the while being 8 months pregnant and unable to fit into even the largest of scrubs these day. (OK... it's really not that bad but don't tell my husband).
Anyway... in the meantime I wanted to remind you of something more important. Please continue to pray for the Smith family. Angie Smith is pregnant with their 4th daughter Audrey, who is not expected to live beyond delivery which will be sometime mid April they think. I mentioned their blog awhile ago and I hope some of you have continued to follow her posts. If not, I guarantee you will be blessed and amazed by both hers and her husband's faith. Not to mention she just posted some unbelievably adorable pictures of their new puppy, Sawyer. Please take the time to check in with her every few days or so. She really appreciates the prayer support and encouragement. Click here or on the link to the right for the Smith family... thanks so much... on behalf of Angie.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Happy Birthday Eric!

Saturday was Eric's 34th Birthday... and in an attempt to help him maintain his boyish playfulness (like that's really necessary), I, along with our parents, went in on a Nintendo Wii for him. He was pretty happy about it... I have to admit, I was a little hesitant considering the distraction it would undoubtedly provide when there was still a baby's room to be painted along with the remainder of an academic semester... but I happen to be married to one of the most disgustingly responsible men on the planet... so it was worth the risk.

Hopefully Ella will find Wii just as entertaining as this little boy does: