Saturday, January 8, 2011

I Can Do Better

I Can. I have no trouble keeping my status up-to-date on Facebook, making sure that I shower daily (well - almost daily), and getting my kids down for their naps and bedtime at the appropriate time each day. So why do I have such trouble keeping this blog updated??!! AHHHH!! I will hate myself for slacking one day so I now publicly pledge as my "New Year's Resolution" to DO BETTER!

So much has been missed - but thankfully there are pictures - somewhere - documenting the things I cannot think of at the moment. I will dig them up... sometime soon. Heck - maybe even right now. After all, throwing photos up on a blog requires FAR less work than dreaming up profound things to say in a given moment. And so, without further ado... may I present... the last 6 months, and what may very likely be the longest post in HISTORY!!:

January, 2011
A Visit with Boppo & Nana

Ella has always been a little scared (OK... completely terrified), of my Grandfather. So we thought this time if he worked a little of his magic on the piano, her love of music might help her to warm up to him a bit.

Probably the closest she's ever gotten to him willingly!

Claire getting in on the action. She, unlike her sister, fears no one... and no thing...

Christmas, 2010

"No Claire... all this STUFF is MINE!"

Making off with the loot...

Our animal lover... she can't get enough.

Santa really came!!

Who knew chocolate milk scores you even better in the gift department!

A Birthday Party for Jesus!

He really is starting to grow on them...

REALLY not sure about that guy...

Baking, Baking and MORE Baking!!

A Gingerbread Masterpiece (if I do say so myself...)

November, 2010

What is this stuff anyway??

For some, it's really not fun to stand outside and freeze your butt off!

Carson and Cooper's 3rd Birthday Party!

Ella's 1st drawing of a smiley face...

Wood chips are by far the best part about the park.

October 31st, 2010

Photo attempt #3,621 at getting a shot of the kids together in their costumes.

Best. Holiday. EVER!

Our Ballerinas

Making pizzas with Aunt Kara!

Step 1: Grab fist full of corn.

Step 2) Dump it all on your sister's head.

Get me out!


October 2nd, 2010
Happy Birthday Ricky!

The tree we planted at his new grave site.

Peace finally, for me... to have a "place" more local to visit and remember. Doesn't look like much for now, but it quite honestly - is everything. A long time coming... and I am grateful.

A very serious cake decorator.

Happy 6th Birthday Ricky! Wish you were here to blow out your own candles and play awhile!

September 24th, 2010
Apple Orchard / Pumpkin Patch Day!

A very tired baby... after a very long day...

WOOHOO!! I did it!! And if you made it to the bottom of this CONGRATULATIONS!!! Thanks for catching up with me!! It took an entire afternoon and my husband wishes I had spent the time doing something "useful"... but I feel SOOOOOOO much better!!!