Friday, April 18, 2008

Where Do I Live Again?

5:28am this morning.

(Kim... if you're reading this... I hope you don't mind that I stole this hilarious excerpt from your blog.) To give credit where credit is due... I have to let you all know that I first found this on Kim's blog, and since I know most of you don't know her (although I do now have a link to her on the right), I had to share it!

This comes from a local news station website. Once again, I find myself in awe of the fact that I live here:

bubba, indanapolis, indiana

"I done thoht my trailer was breaking up. The dogs was barking and I saw a bird act werd the other day. Animals know. My limited edision bust of Elvis done near broke from on top of the frig."


And here's my story:
There I was in bed... with my husband snoring peacefully beside me. I was enjoying a crazy and senseless pregnancy dream that somehow involved an ax, my old college dorm room, and orange juice.

Suddenly... the images faded as I woke up rocking in my bed, and feeling our entire house swaying from side to side.

Um... excuse me? I thought I left the wild and shaky west coast for the boring flat plains of Indiana. Tornadoes... NOT earthquakes. That's what we have here, right?

Max was already hiding under the bed... who knows how long he had been down there feeling the ground prepare to shake. Last earthquake I experienced in Reno was a mere 4.4... and poor Max was tossing his cookies seconds before the thing could be felt by us humans.

I sat up (OK... I ROLLED up - this kid is getting big), not sure if Eric had felt it or not.

ME: "What was that?"
ERIC: "What?"
ME: "Did you feel that?"
ERIC: "Yeah... probably an earthquake I guess."

That's my husband for you. Highly emotional. Very excitable. Always one who finds it hard to remain calm and rational in precarious situations.

"Probably an earthquake I guess?????"

To which I responded in almost as calm a fashion... "an EARTHQUAKE?! We don't have earthquakes in INDIANA!"

"Sure we do. We're on a fault. There was one back in '82. I remember when it happened...."

At this point I really needed someone to share the drama of the experience with me, rather than attempt to convince me that this historical and highly unusual event was something we all woke up expecting to happen... someone who at least might share in the wonder that the end times were indeed upon us, the Lord was coming back that afternoon to bring us home and I was being spared the pains of childbirth after all. At the very least we were about to fall through the floor of our house as the entire thing came down around us... so I summoned Max up onto the bed. Eric calmly rolled back over to catch a few more winks apparently... I tried my hardest to do the same, but 30 seconds later I insisted we turn the TV on to see what the heck was going on.

It was all confirmed in the end. What a reality check.

Ya think you're safe. Sure... we have tornadoes, but at least we've made friends with the neighbors who have a basement. Now... we have earthquakes. Perfect. Good thing all of us Midwesterners wisely include that earthquake coverage on our home insurance policies! When I call to have it added, I think I'll tack on some hurricane coverage as well!


melissa said...

Wow! I know that earthquakes can happen in the Midwest, but it's so rare.

yellowgirl said...

"probably an earthquake I guess" hahaha. that's HILARIOUS.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord! Nobody but you could make living through an earthquake funny!

What's next??

I am waiting the for good news.

Mom C

Lynn said...

I love reading your blog, I was laughing out loud at work. I am so glad you are doing well. We all miss you here at CNMC.

andrew,betsy,& noura said...

i can finally read it again!! haha I said to Andrew "were going to Heaven today!" after the earthquake too!!:)