Thursday, April 24, 2008

Vacation Week

So... my maternity leave officially started this past Sunday!! While I was hoping that Ella might decide to show herself just a little bit early, I can honestly say I am thoroughly enjoying a week of "vacation" to get life a little more organized and rest up before the sleepless nights begin. As of last week, I was dilated to 3cm and 50% effaced... which for those of you who don't speak "labor and deliverese", basically means my body is definitely moving in the right direction, and at a good pace - particularly for a first pregnancy. The plan is I will be induced next Wednesday, the 30th, if something doesn't happen sooner. We're really happy about this, because Eric begins his clerkships for Pharmacy the following Monday, and I was so worried that delivering late would mean he would hardly be able to be around for the first few days of Ella's life. At least this way - we'll have a few days all together.

While I'm anxious to pop this kid out and hopefully breast feed the fat away, I'm really thankful for this time of preparation. The nesting is in full swing and I'm even squeezing in some bonding with friends. A couple days ago I had lunch with my friend Betsy, her little baby Noura (who is a former NICU patient of mine), and my new friend Bridget - who also happens to be my Obstetrician! She brought her little boy Ethan, who was born the same day as Noura. I stole the pictures below from Betsy's blog...

Betsy, Me, Noura, Ethan, & Bridget
( I'm really trying to pretend I'm not as huge as this picture makes me look...)
Noura and Ethan

As for the rest of my time... I've somehow found the motivation to seriously clean parts of the house that I hate to admit - typically go untouched. Here's a sneak peek of my handiwork!



Pretty impressive, huh? I've got more... but the pictures aren't uploaded so you'll have to wait. I see Bridget tomorrow and I'm hoping when she checks me in the office she might "accidentally" break my water... :) Check back to see what happens!


Anonymous said...

So close!! First of all, you look great. Love the belly shot. Second, great job on the nesting, unfortunatly that did not really happen for me as far as cleaning goes. And lastly, good luck on the breastfeeding-fat loss thing, this also did not happen for me but the fat is well worth it for a healthy babe. It took me a long time to get to that place. Can't wait to see the little one.