Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Labor Update #1

Well, its about 6:50 AM and we made it to the hospital on time and Meg is currently in bed hooked up to her IV. The nurse just came in a few minutes ago to tell us that Megs doctor called in and said she had the flu. Meg is pretty disappointed, but I'm sure baby Ella won't notice any difference. We're both tired and didn't sleep much last night, so we'll rely on adrenaline to keep us going. I'll do my best to keep updating throughout the day.


Brian and Michelle Scott said...

Please keep us posted in the NICU. Can't wait to meet Baby Girl Ella. I'll say a little prayer for a short and easy labor. Michelle

Anonymous said...

Happy Labor Day!!! I’ve been praying for you whenever I woke up last night and since 6:30am my time. I’m sorry to hear about your doctor, that is a bummer. I will continue to pray God’s presence of peace, joy and power over you. Take care and I send my love to ALL of you guys there! Love, Reno Carrie