Monday, December 31, 2007

Date #3 - Happy New Years to Us!

Once again, (much to Janet's dismay I imagine), Eric decided to stay yet another night in Chicago with his friends so that we could be together for New Years Eve. Not only that... but he graciously invited me over to their house to celebrate! By day 3, we were both getting a little tired. Two extremely late nights were taking their toll... so a night indoors of games and Dick Clark sounded pretty good. (Wait... Dick Clark didn't do the ball drop thing last year did he?) Anyway, had someone told me what game was going to be played... I probably would have reconsidered my trip downtown. But, Trivial Pursuit was not mentioned until I arrived... and since I really didn't know these people, I kept my mouth shut... and unbeknownst to them, willingly agreed to subject myself to total humiliation and torture.

Here's the thing about me. Right around the time that Ricky came home with me... I developed the worst case of "mommy brain" that I think anyone has ever had. My memory went completely in the toilet. Give me half a second - and I will forget the person I just met. Ask me what I had for dinner last night... and you can expect to be waiting for about 2 hours for an answer. Ask me when the Civil War happened... and you might as well move on to the next victim completely because I guarantee... I will look like the dumbest person you've ever met.

So... it became the night that Eric learned this woman he was "falling for"... had a brain made of jello. I on the other hand, would learn quickly that Eric... was a wealth of trivia knowledge both useless and useful. We were paired together. Great for me... not so good for Eric. I don't even think I answered one question correctly. Eric on the other hand... didn't miss one. He even guessed right! It was disgusting. I was completely embarrassed by the whole thing - especially in front of these people I didn't know... but thankfully they all allowed me to stick around. It was my last game of Trivial Pursuit... I'm pretty sure no one ever wants to play with me again anyway!


Christi said...

I have the same problem with Trivial Pursuit, my friends all know it no one wants to be on my team. But, I enjoy playing anyways, and we play almost every summer.