Monday, December 10, 2007


Well... it's been awhile since I've updated (as several of you have been kind enough to point out)! :) Life has been a little busy. I'm trying to grab some overtime shifts whenever they are available while I am feeling good. As I approach my 20th week of pregnancy I'm enjoying the energy that had left me for awhile... and trying to make a few extra dollars to go towards maternity leave!

We found out last week that Eric's step-mom was going to be having a last-minute hysterectomy. Debbie lives alone now, since Eric's dad past away 3 years ago from colon cancer, so we rushed down to Louisville, KY to be with her for surgery Friday morning. The surgery went well, but we received the devastating news that they found she has ovarian cancer - stage 3. It was a difficult weekend for all of us - most of all Debbie... but she is recovering well from surgery, and hopes to be home tomorrow. The road ahead will no doubt be extremely challenging and full of unknowns, as she begins chemotherapy in a few weeks... but we are praying for miracles and hoping to be there for her anyway that we can.

We returned home late this afternoon... I am now at work and Eric is in the middle of his 1st final of the week. He is thrilled that the end of the semester is finally here, and looking forward to a 3 week vacation of baby room projects!! We will know next week whether this baby is a boy or a girl and I cannot wait!

Stay tuned for belly pictures (really guys, are they THAT exciting?). I'm kind of embarrassed to admit that we have not taken even one... somehow the photo documentation of an enlarging stomach along with boobs, chins, cheeks and thighs are really not all that exciting to me. NEVERTHELESS... I know that ONE day MAYBE I will enjoy looking back on these (wonderful??) body changes this baby is putting me through.

For now... you'll have to wait just a little bit longer. At least until I catch up on a little sleep and the bags under my eyes tone down a bit.


Bart Saunders said...

I am SO SORRY to hear about your Mom Eric. She is so blessed to have you guys surrounding her in love and prayers. We will join with you in praying for miracles as she endures chemo and the challenges cancer brings.

You know I am one of those people who would love a shot or two of you... wish I were there to help you prepare for your little one. Don't forget to call me on the 19th!!! I hope they can give you a DVD of the ultrasound... maybe you could share it with all of us???

Jessica said...

I will be praying for your mom Eric. I am very sorry to hear the news. I agree with Suzie...she is blessed to have you both in her life!

Yes, we are all super obsessed with belly pictures..esp. when they aren't ours! Hee, Hee!! Meg, you have to call me...for some reason I don't have your number in my phone book, and I have been dying to talk to you! I have emailed a few times, but maybe you haven't gotten them. I just want to make sure I have the right address. I have some random news for call me. I am heading to NY tomorrow night with my mom and sisters! Call my cell if you want..I would love to hear from you!

Are you guys finding out soon if we should by blue or pink? I am dying here!! Patience, not one of my strong virtues!! :)

Love you guys...miss you tons! Glad you are feeling better Meg, and Eric, good luck with finals, (not that you need luck, smarty pants)!

Take care,

Meghan said...

Just to clarify... it's Eric's STEP-mom who is sick... his mother Joyce is thankfully doing just fine. :)

melissa said...

Oh, you've changed your look. I like it :)

I'm really sorry to hear about Eric's step-mom. That's very sad. I'll be keeping her in my prayers.

It's good to have a real post from you :) If you don't want to post belly shots, then I completely understand, but it is nice to hear how life is going for you!