Thursday, August 9, 2007

Lake Nebagamon

Long ago, when my mom was little... her parents purchased some lake property way up in northern Wisconsin. The cabin first served as a World War II Army bunker. It's located on Lake Nebagamon, and my parents now own it. Eric and I had the opportunity to head up there for some much needed relaxation last week. It's a long drive... and the place is definitely showing it's age... but we found it worth it once we arrived. We had a great time sleeping... reading (something I haven't done in who knows how long), playing with the jet ski, fishing, bee-keeping, and lots more!

Obviously... I have lots to update the blog with, so bear with me as I post a million pictures. You don't mind do you???

Up until this trip, Max has hated the water. We couldn't believe our eyes when he just walked right in! He hung out with it up to his neck the whole time we were there!!

We found he was very jealous when we'd take off for a ride on the jet ski...

So we took him for a couple rides. He loved it!! (Don't ask him about the time he fell off... he doesn't really like to talk about it.)


Christy said...

Looks like a peaceful and relaxing time! We could have a girls weekend there?! I sure love how you two are always getting away on these little trips. We use to do that before we had kids too! :) Know it has a whole new meaning, being away for the weekend! Ahhhhhh