Sunday, September 28, 2008

Baby Fix (for those who need one...)

Stare down.

Anyone else see the sneaky slyness behind that smirk? She may look like Daddy... but faces like that make me think she's all Mommy in there!!"
"Laugh it up, woman... every minute of twisted pleasure this gives you is another month of therapy for me." Just out for a stroll... taking in my turf.
The face that lights up our days.
"You gotta be kidding me! Where's the boob??!"
"You got a problem with my face???"
"I know we're bonding here Grandma... but are you going to do something about the mess in my pants or should I ask the dog?"
"You want an autograph, or what?"
The White T-Shirt Club. Membership requirements: white t-shirt (or onesie), and a butt chin. Activities: wet burps, farts, and dolphin babble.

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Scott and Lisa said...

Those pictures are hysterical!!! I seriously can't wait to meet her in person. She's getting so big. You'll have to make her stop all this growing until I can swing through Indy!

Jackie said...

So cute !

Gee, I feel so special that I am your first "follower".
Ha! I wanted to say "only", but thought it might make you feel bad. Tee! Hee!
I know you have lots of readers & commenters out there.
They need to follow suit & hook up to the "follow" link.

Have a good evening.

Eric said...

I take exception to the dolphin babble requirement... the others are true, but not the dolphin babble.

Anonymous said...

I just love the pictures. She is so beautiful and getting so big.
Thanks for keeping us posted with all her photos. You'll be in town soon right? Can't wait to get together. I've missed you.