Wednesday, January 31, 2007

To my hard working husband...

I'm not one that enjoys coming across terribly sappy or nauseatingly "in love" (although I am)... but I just had to post a little blog sharing how much I admire and appreciate my husband. Sunday was the one year anniversary of our engagement and I'm still amazed at how it all came to be. I was SO sure that all men as wonderful as him had long since gone extinct... and then suddenly out of NOwhere... he just appeared. There are no words to express how grateful I am for all that he does to make me feel special and appreciated... especially when my hormonal femininity prevents me from returning the blessing! (Just kidding... I always make sure he feels loved!!!)

Anyway... just had to write as I know he's at home right now pouring through pharmacy notes and memorizing every drug known to man. I'd never make it through that stuff... that's why I'm so glad I married a genious!!

So to the man who never gets mad when I lay around all afternoon in a "post-nightshift" coma refusing to iron a shirt or clean a toilet; to the man that graciously accepts a simple bowl of instant oatmeal for dinner when I lack the creativity or flat out desire to make anything let alone go to the grocery store; to the man who folds the sheets back on my side of the bed for when I come home in the morning...

Love you babe...

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Please Pray for Josh Buck

I graduated from Indiana Wesleyan with Josh Buck, although I did not know him well. Through the blessings of these blogs however, word has spread of a recent accident he had and they are desperately asking for prayer. While vacationing in Mexico he had a diving accident almost a week ago. He has already experienced miraculous recovery in some respects... but he remains paralyzed and they are unsure what his outcome will be. He is a pastor in Grand Rapids, Michigan but right remains hospitalized in Florida. They have 2 children at home in Michigan and Shelly is pregnant as well.
Please visit this website to follow what God is going to do in his life.
This is not their first experience with tragedy... Josh and Shelly lost their 3 month old daughter Ava in a horrible accident about a year and a half ago... and despite everything, have remained faithful to their God. This is yet another huge trial to face and they could use our love and support.

Our Home

So here's a shot of our new house. There's even a little snow on the ground! Not much... but we don't need any more!!

The Kitchen

The wood floor dad and Eric worked so hard on!

The dining room paint job... (too bad we're too poor for a table!!)

Our pride and joy...

Monday, January 22, 2007


The did it!!!!! (Barely!!!) Did you see that game?!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Eric's trying to figure out how I suddenly became a FAR bigger football fan than he was in the first place. He's also now recovering from all the bruises I inflicted on him throughout the heart-stopping game! I purchased my jersey today!!

Bears: Sorry but I'm a Hoosier now... I'm glad you finally made your way back to the Superbowl... wish you had a chance at winning but hey! At least you can say you got there!!! See ya at the big game!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Today we're a little busy cheering on the Bears and Colts in hopes of a truly exciting Superbowl! I've suddenly developed a passion for football this season. Call me a "fair-weathered fan", but Eric has taken the time to explain a little of the game that I never seemed to understand. And since I'm officially a resident of Indiana, I guess that makes me a Colts fan. I've searched high and low for my jersey - it's a requirement for anyone who is out in public on Fridays throughout Indianapolis. Turns out most people made that purchase somewhere earlier in the season and they are not very difficult to come by.

Bears are up 16 now... it they keep it up I might have to purchase a Bears hat along with my Colts jersey for the big game in a couple weeks!!!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

All in a year...

Well hello!

It's official: I'm a blogger! I've had so many requests for pictures and updates lately - there's just no way to keep up! Instead, I'm starting my own page where anyone who really can't get along in life without knowing exactly what is going on with the Johnsons, will be able to check in and be fulfilled!! I have a feeling it's really not that big of a priority for TOO many of you... but since I'm new to Indiana and don't have any friends yet, I've got to find SOME way to vent! After all, my poor husband can only take so much of me rambling on and on and on!

Let me start off by explaining the title of my blog... I discovered the phrase through a very special blog family who recently lost their precious baby boy. I hope they do not mind me borrowing them, but these words profoundly describe how I think of Ricky now. After a life of pain and challenges, there now is "nothing missing, nothing broken" in him. Ricky taught me more than I could ever put down on paper... but one thing in particular - he taught me that life is fleeting. It is temporary. And it is meant to be enjoyed in SPITE of our trials. He taught me to persevere… and to trust. He taught me what true love is. And he taught me that God alone has the power to heal; and God alone has the power to give and take away. I plan to place these words on Ricky's memorial bench, and I chose them for the title of this blog because they represent the focus on eternity that I now strive to have. Many mothers who have lost children will tell you that suddenly all fear of death is gone. There is a longing for heaven that sadly, had not been there before. Suddenly we have a connection to this place that for so long has been hard to wrap our brains around. While I miss Ricky terribly every day, I believe that his life was exactly as God intended it to be from the beginning. He was an instrument of the Lord... meant to show anyone with a willingness to hear and see... the love and power of our Heavenly Father.

No, this blog will not be "all about Ricky"... we have a site for that! But it's inevitable that my thoughts and reactions to this life will forever stem from my experience with him. He still resides in my heart and for that I will be forever grateful...