Monday, January 22, 2007


The did it!!!!! (Barely!!!) Did you see that game?!!! UNBELIEVABLE! Eric's trying to figure out how I suddenly became a FAR bigger football fan than he was in the first place. He's also now recovering from all the bruises I inflicted on him throughout the heart-stopping game! I purchased my jersey today!!

Bears: Sorry but I'm a Hoosier now... I'm glad you finally made your way back to the Superbowl... wish you had a chance at winning but hey! At least you can say you got there!!! See ya at the big game!!


AMANDA said...

Wow. It's wrong. So very wrong. I can't believe you would choose to cheer for the Colts when they are about to go head to head with the Chicago Bears - the only team in football worthy of the Super Bowl Champions title. That's fine, though, because come gameday, you will regret choosing the Colts when the Bears send them home to fans who should have known better to cheer for the Bears in the first place. You'll see...traitor.

melissa said...

I saw part of the 3rd quarter from a brewery in Seattle. Definitely a good game :)

Anonymous said...

Know what Colts stands for??? Certain Of Losing The Suberbowl!!!! Just thought that I'd let you know so that you weren't too upset come Sunday when they lose!