Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Days

In spite of the illnesses that won't quit for Claire, we are having a really great summer. Maybe it's because we are coming out of the longest winter I have ever experienced, but I can honestly say I am enjoying each and every one of the little perks that summer brings. The workload with kids seems to be cut in half... mainly because it takes us about 15 minutes to get loaded up into the car instead of the usual 45 - just because we wear less clothes! And being outside is just an all around happier thing. :) I'm thinking we should pack up and move to a warmer climate - at least until our children can dress and entertain themselves.

She wasn't particularly thrilled about the idea, but Ella has been taking swimming lessons - and is definitely becoming more comfortable with the water. It did take a small bribe - I mean reward. Note the following picture with her long awaited Arial Princess Doll:

Grabbing candy at the 4th of July Parade!