Saturday, July 9, 2011


Well, I did my best to keep it from happening... but in spite of all my efforts, Ella turned 3 years old a week ago (er... 3 months ago, when I started writing this post). It has been as they say... a fast and furious transition from toddler hood to "little girl".... emphasis on the "girl" part of that. :) She adores anything and everything pink, princessy, and fancy. She's been taking ballet for the last couple of months and loves every minute of it... (mostly because she gets to wear a tutu)! We cannot say for certain that the Joffrey Ballet School is in her future...but assuming we can soon convince her that the mirrors in her dance studio are meant to reflect her flawless pirouettes and plies, rather than the length of her tongue, I'd say her chances are pretty darn good!

Turning 3 brought many new freedoms and experiences... including her very own "big girl bed". I'm quite confidant that she would have stayed in her crib for another 6 years without ever considering the possibility of crawling out - but I do think she was gradually catching on to the suspicion that most kids her age were no longer being held against their will. While putting her to bed one night after a visit to some friend's who were already in their own real beds, she politely said: "Mommy, can you take these bars down?". Busted. The transition has been an easy one for her and more importantly, us. :) In fact, the poor, tentative, yet content child has yet to realize that she could actually come and go as she pleases... and continues to wait in her bed until we come to get her. (Case and point: yesterday during her nap she yelled: "Mommy, can you come get me out of this bed???") Here's to hoping that lasts throughout high school. ;-)

So Happy (VERY) Belated Birthday to my girly-girl. We're in no hurry - but somehow at the same time, we can't help wonder what you will one day become. I'm guessing you'll never be too fond of camping, or contact sports... but your sweet, sensitive spirit, love of art, reading, and baking... will undoubtedly lead you to do some wonderful things.

Post-Recital, with Grandma.

I have no idea where she gets it...

Yay! Princesses!!! (Can you see the reluctant joy in my face???)

Even Claire's getting in on the bowling action!

Easter Egg Hunt #3 with her cousins at the family birthday party!

Mommy was all excited for the "Fancy Nancy" birthday theme!..

Than she told me she wanted a Princess Party...

First Mani/Pedi!!

A fun girls outing with Grandma and Aunt Jenn!

Happy Birthday Ella! Your 1st Dollhouse!