Saturday, July 9, 2011


One of my favorite things these days, is watching the relationship between these two develop. They are so different in most ways... yet so alike in one... DRAMA. There is no doubt they are females! I even question whether or not they may have entered some rare and bizarre form of early PMS! Overall however, there is such a precious balance of personality between them. Ella is cautious, a rule-follower (most days), and prefers to read or watch movies. While Claire is impulsive, not-so-much a rule-follower, and can rarely be found sitting still unless a bag of chips is involved. Being so close in age, they seem to constantly compete for my attention - but it's amazing to me how in spite of that, they absolutely adore eachother. We anticipate several benefits to their relationship and personality differences... one being that Claire will likely play a key role in bringing Ella out of her shell throughout life, and another being that Ella will likely be the one we count on for the "inside scoop" on her sister's escapades.

It kills me that the days pass so quickly and they are growing so fast... and at the same time, I absolutely can't wait to see what life brings for them. And while we most definitely did NOT plan to have babies 16 months apart, I can honestly say now that I LOVE that we did. Such a neat thing for the two of them... I just hope and pray that they always feel that way.