Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Tour of Homes!

OK... so I have MUCH to blog about and just MAYBE I'll get around to it tonight at work... (yes... I said at WORK). This month has been crazy and I'm still trying to figure out when exactly the Christmas season snuck it's way in on me. I hate not being able to savor the time as we approach the actual day... We are having fun however, and I have a bunch of fun pictures to share soon. Christmas cookie exchanges/bakes... Ella's visit with Santa today... (so far I'm thinking she's not a big fan... but maybe when she's sees all the cool stuff (aka BOXES and TISSUE PAPER) he's going to bring her she'll warm up a bit.

In the meantime... I just found this link to Boo Mamas blog and she's posting a Christmas tour of homes. You can click on many links and see photos of people's decorations!! Check it out!


Mare said...

I just recently found the link too.
Some amazing homes. You guys must check it out.