Friday, June 27, 2008

Bad to the Bone

This past weekend, I missed my very first "girls get-together" in Reno. Due to the new little addition in our family, I opted to stay home and miss the wedding of my good friend, Alex. To my great surprise, the girls opted to have a good time without me! Melissa even flew in from Virginia knowing full well that I wouldn't be there! Shocking... I know.

SO since the others seem to all be reminiscintly blogging about some of the time we spent all living in the Reno area, I thought I'd join in. The four of us... Stacey, Melissa, Carrie and I all hung out quite a bit. Stacey and Carrie were friends first... I moved out shortly and met them at church, while Melissa joined us a few months later after moving from South Dakota. (I know, who lives there? right?) Anyway... we all became fast friends... I think mostly because we bonded over the single-independent-female status that we all shared. We found a really great "young people" group at church, and for awhile anyway, life really centered around it all.

Months into our friendship, we discovered that our little "gang" had somewhat of a reputation for being a little bit intimidating! What? Us? According to particularly some of the men in the group, we portrayed a slightly "untouchable" persona... often all dressing in black and always sitting in the back row of room. I stole an excerpt from Melissa's blog... because I thought it was too funny:

"As Stacey's brother Aaron put it, we would all come into church together, wearing black, moving in slow motion with Bad to the Bone playing in the background."

Truth be told... we all just knew the secret to looking skinny was black... and probably wound up in the back because we were late. Funny isn't it? We seriously all believed that we had wonderfully sweet and loving personalities (we did!!)... and all that time we were all looking to meet some cute Christian men... we were just scaring them off with our incredible confidence and dazzling looks. :) We kind of felt bad about it when we discovered how others perceived us... but after a few minutes... whispered (I think we all kind of dug it)! :)

Anyway... the girls took a shot of themselves at the wedding and texted it to me.

They were... of course... all wearing black dresses.
I tried to figure out how to photo shop myself in with them... but apparently I need a Mac... I did find this pic of me - black dress... intimidating look (or maybe just downright scary)... and even a Martini (Melissa and I have bonded over one a few times - very responsibly I must add).

So here you go girls... here's to the last time I remember feeling "cool". And here's to the last time I could FIT INTO a black dress!.. :)
Wish I had been there! I love you all!


melissa said...

Great post, Meg! I'm glad you decided to share in the reminiscing fun :) We definitely thought about you this past week and wished you could have been here with us.

October? I don't know yet... It would be way too fun to join you on tat trip. I'll have to see...

Anonymous said...

Too sexy for my drink, way too sexy!!! Reading your post is like having you right here with us, it's great! I even told Melissa we should try to cut out a picture of you and scan you into one of our group pictures, and then you posted the same idea, great minds think alike. Well I'll just have to wait until October to see your real face and we'll take fun pictures then.