Friday, May 9, 2008

100% Daddy





Scott and Lisa said...

Wow!! She does look like Eric! However, I think there's still time for her to develop that mini mohawk that you were sporting.

:) Lisa

Christy said...

So precious! That is great to post it that way! I say she is a perfect combo!! Enjoy that sweet little thing!!

Our Two Blessings From Above said...

Yes, I too see where she looks a lot like her Daddy!
Have a great Mother's Day!

Bart Saunders said...

WOW! So good to see and hear you so truly happy! Enjoy it all- you deserve this! Have a special Mother's Day... tell your mom I am so happy for her too! Don't worry about my last call- I'll tell Sheila not to bother shopping.

andrew,betsy,& noura said...

Have a great Mothers Day! I think she looks like you both...but I think most babies look alike so I'm a bad judge:)

Brian and Michelle Scott said...

Happy Mother's day!! She's beautiful even if she looks like her daddy. All three of mine are their daddy's guts.

melissa said...

Happy mother's day, Meg! Love you lots :)

Carrie said...

Hey Meg and Family,
Happy late Mother's Day to you and your mom! I love being able to see Ella and I must saw she looks at peace with life and very in love with her daddy in that last picture. I think 100% daddy it great! You'll have to keep adding pictures like that so we can see her change and if she holds onto Eric's looks.
Miss you tons!!!
Reno, Carrie