Saturday, February 9, 2008


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Most of the Christmas decorations came down a month ago... but for some reason I had a really hard time taking down the nativity. It was one of my favorite gifts of all time... I received it last Christmas - a conspired accumulation of gifts from various members of my husband's family, along with himself. I opened gifts from them over different days... and each time it seemed I received yet another piece of the set. SO fun.

I've never really been a "figurine" type of girl... never really know what to do with random little trinkets and statues that so many people display throughout their house. I don't have anything against them, or the people who love them. Personally, I just kind of despise "stuff" that serves little purpose other than to demand I dust more. (Something I'm also not a fan of.)

ANYWAY, this nativity is the exception for me. I've drooled over it for a couple years and always hoped that one day it would be a decoration in my home to be proud of. That's why it was such a special surprise that I'm SO happy my husband pulled off. I did finally put it all away - almost two weeks ago. But I'm already looking forward to this Thanksgiving... when I'll break it all out again! Thanks to all of you who had a hand in giving me this. I LOVE it!


Christy said...

I just discovered this nativity set this christmas and fell in love! I really hope to start collecting the pieces soon. You even have to stable that I love!! I think it is a beautiful piece that yo will and your children and you grandchildren will enjoy! Great purchase Eric!

Meghan said...

I forgot to mention that for Christmas THIS year... my mom got me the only missing piece - an angel that sits on a stand. It's so fun to have the entire thing!!