Monday, February 4, 2008

The Next Best Thing...

If it couldn't be the Colts busting the wind out of the Patriot's sails... at least it was a Manning! Heck... at least it was SOMEBODY!! That game was quite possibly better than us winning the Superbowl!! That game was so exciting I'm surprised I didn't go into premature labor!! WOO!

We had a fabulous evening enjoying the Superbowl with a group of friends. The party was complete with a chili cook-off (Eric's would have won if his own wife hadn't voted for another batch)! (SORRY!!). We had a football flick-off (with paper triangles - must be a guy thing), at half-time... and just a great celebration over all as we all cheered on the Patriot's loss!! (Nobody really cared who won... as long as it wasn't the Pats!! :)

Awww... poor Tom... humbling, isn't it?

Scroll down for other posts if you havn't checked in a few days. I want some credit from a few of you for finally giving into your demands... :)


Anonymous said...

I totally agree w/ everything you said.
Go Giants !

So happy for little Eli. He is such a cutie. :-)

No tears for Tom from me.