Friday, February 1, 2008


Such a big girl now!

Mom Betsy, and Noura's favorite pasttime...

She's smiling.... really!

I'm way behind on updates... but I had to get these pictures on here. This is little Noura... although she's hardly "little" anymore compared to her size at birth as a 25 weeker, born over 4 months early. She has done by far the best of any "25 weeker" I have seen in my 6 whole years of working in the NICU. So strong and such a fighter! I got to be there for her birth and then took care of her quite a bit during her 3 month stay in our unit... and it was so much fun to go visit her now at home. Her parents have handled everything that they have gone though with her (and trust me, it's been a lot) so beautifully... they are an incredible example to me of the joy that can come when we put our faith in trust in Christ through all the hard times...

We're looking forward to some playdates with Noura when our baby is born! I'm hoping she'll teach our's a little something about sleeping through the night!! :)

(You can read more about baby Noura on their blog by clicking on the link to the right... Little Miss Noura)


andrew,betsy,& noura said...

aw, i love the pics! we loved your visit and would like you to come by again sometime!