Friday, November 2, 2007

Better Days

Life has been crazy busy for the last few weeks... but we have had several highlights. Here's a few pictures of the fun stuff!

Most recently... Susie and Kira came for a visit. We visited the Indianapolis Children's Museum and Kira had a blast.

We met up with our good friends John, Janet and Henry for the Purdue Homecoming game. Both John and Eric graduated from Purdue... Eric, as we all know loved the school so much he decided to return after a degree in Mechanical Engineering for 5 more years of Pharmacy!

And since we're digging football so much these days... we decided to have some other friends (Ryan, Lori, Emma, Noah, Sarah and Anna) over to the house for the Colts game! We had a great time watching them win (as usual)! We even made caramel apples at half time!


Anonymous said...

I love all the pictures, but------ the picture of Noah and Max is priceless. I don't know which one is the happiest! It made me laugh with delight.