Saturday, September 22, 2007

New Bloggers

Wow! Now I know how to get the comments coming in!! Guess I should have gotten pregnant a long time ago!!

I recently learned that a couple old high school friends of mine have joined the blogging world! I'm SO excited to be able to follow their lives now!

You can check out Marcy and Christi's sites by clicking right there on their names... or the links on the right!

Now all you other wanna-bes out there... (Deanna)... join the club! Everybody's doing it!!


Anonymous said...

Loved Ones!
I am very excited and happy for both of you and of course the grandparents. This will be a very special time. I know that Susie will have lots of hints. Count on that! Thanks for sharing the ultrasound picture.

Oh, another shower! Love it!

Be well and take care of yourselves.

Love, Mom C.