Thursday, July 5, 2007

Welcome Home Barb...

Eric's best friend John, along with his wife Janet and their family sat at the bedside of his mom last night as Jesus took her home. To say that she "lost her battle to cancer" is really an inaccurate statement - since I personally don't feel anyone "loses a battle" when the result lands them at the feet of our Heavenly Father. In my opinion, Barb simply received her long-awaited and well-deserved reward when she was rescued from her cancer ridden body last night. I am sad to say that I never was able to meet her... but I feel like I have known her for quite some time. Eric and John have been friends since grade school... and I have enjoyed hearing many stories of their childhood - which inevitably include stories of their mothers. I can tell you that I know she loved her family and gave much. I can tell you that she fought harder then most of us could even imagine being able to fight over the last 7 years as cancer appeared, disappeared, and then came back several times. And I can tell you that she will be missed tremendously by her husband, kids, and grand kids for as long as they are on this earth.

I can say from experience that the death of someone we love so much is sad and hard - not because they are now gone - but because we are now left. So please pray for John and Janet... along with the rest of their family, as they now face life without Barb physically here with them.

Ironically... the night prior to Barb's death... I found myself struggling late into the night with Ricky being gone. I miss him every minute of every day... but sometimes my arms literally ache, wishing that he was here to hold. I was up so late that I slept in quite a bit... and woke up to find a voice mail on my cell. It was Janet... and she was calling to say that Barb had gotten worse and they wondered if I would take Henry (their little boy) for the afternoon. Coincidence? I doubt it. We wound up keeping Henry (who happens to be just a few months older than Ricky was when he died), all night long.

God has a way of working out the timing of even the most painful situations - and for that I am so grateful. If you read Janet's blog posting - you'll learn how they were blessed as well. I feel a little selfish knowing that amidst their difficult day - God actually chose to bless me... but I guess if I've learned anything in life, it is that "His ways are not my own". When Janet called to say that Barb was worsening... she shared with me (and I hope it's ok that I share this with you), that one of the most difficult things for Barb in this illness... was knowing that she would not be around to be with her grandchildren as they grew up. But it occurred to Janet, that Ricky would be up in heaven waiting... maybe missing my mom... his grandma... down here on earth.

Henry woke at 3am last night... and I stole the opportunity to cuddle with him for awhile. Couldn't help but wonder if at that same moment John's mom was holding my little boy, in a place far more peaceful... both of them, in bodies no less than perfect.

So Barb if you can read this... :)... give baby Ricky a big hug for us. Tell him Henry had fun playing with his old toys, and gave Max lots of kisses for him. If you could give Eric's dad a hug for me that would be great too... tell him that his son is an excellent husband, and he should be incredibly proud of who he has become...

We miss you all... we love you... and we'll see you soon.

Photo of Henry by his Mom, Janet Moran


Hummel Family said...

Your post touched my heart, Meghan. I am sitting here teary-eyed...somewhat understanding everything you mentioned.

I miss my little guy too...but the thought of my grandma now holding him gives me comfort.

Isn't God good? He gives us so many opportunities to learn from and in the process He get us all excited about Heaven!

Hope you get some good sleep tonight.

Love ya

melissa said...

Tears. This is a beautiful post, Meg. I will keep John and his family in my prayers.

yellowgirl said...

ohhh, you always make me cry!

Unknown said...

I have tears as well! I love to ask God to give "messages" to loved ones who are with him. I think He delights in our awareness of the immediacy of His Kingdom! After all, He says it is "at hand" which doesn't sound too far away at all. How amazing it will be when our eyes can truly see.

Bart Saunders said...

I'm so glad you were there for John and his family, you two will be a great support to them as they adjust to the road ahead. Having Henry in your home must give even more yearning to have a family. You two will have such a beautiful family... I know Henry and his parents are eager to see what the future holds for you as well! I will be praying for you Eric and know you are hurting. I'll make sure to post on their blog... so sad to not have your parent here with you.