Monday, July 9, 2007


Eric and I had a bittersweet weekend in Kokomo. Despite the very difficult occasion, we were so thankful to spend the time with friends. I couldn't help but admire once again, the bond that Eric has maintained with several guys from his grade school/youth group days. It seems like these days, guys are less likely to have close relationships... particularly ones that go so far back. And I guess that's why it was so neat to see a couple guys drop literally everything that they had scheduled to travel and be at John's side as he said "goodbye" to his mom. Eric said he spent so much time with John growing up that Barbara was like his second mom. They all shared stories and favorite memories of being with her... we all laughed, and cried. It was an such an honor to be there.

Please continue to keep John and his family in your prayers as they now enter this new and very different phase of their lives.

Here are a few pictures that I took of Henry during our day of bonding. You'll have to ignore the very poor quality and lack of photography skills in light of his mother's masterpieces...

"Hey, this stuff is great! I knew cutting all those teeth would pay off somehow!"

"What? You have a DOG?! Why didn't you ever tell me? I would have come to stay with you MUCH sooner!"

"Hey, wait a second... how did I get in here if you're out there?"


Christy said...

That is special Meghan, women tend to carry thier frienships longer than men it seems. I'm glad John was given such support from all his childhood friends. Little Henry is a lady killer with that blond hair and tan skin. They have been in my prayers and will continue to be.

Anonymous said...

Little Henry, what a delight he was to our family as we spent an evening with him while in Meghan and Eric's care. He was so happy and outgoing, like he knew all of us forever.
John and his family are in our prayers too. John and Eric were quite a pair growing up. I got to know Barb first when she became their Cub Scout leader. I thought she was surely a "saint" to take that on that job.
I don't know how we did it, but when the boys were adults and home for the holidays, we talked them into taking us to movies.
John and his Mom were very close and he will always miss her.
Joyceee ( as the boys call me)

Hummel Family said...

We will continue to pray for John and the family!

Mr. B said...

Love to view the snapshots of your lives!

Mr. B said...
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janet l moran said...

Meg, I love seeing the pictures of henry while he was with you. It's so nice to see him having a good time and eating corn, that photo is awesome! I too am always moved by those boys and what a special connection they have. I feel like the older we get the more special those friendships will become. Thanks agian girl for taking care of little H.