Tuesday, April 13, 2010

She Just Keeps Growing...

Today she crawled into the kitchen... opened up a cabinet and tried to take the stuff out. Yesterday she attempted to open the fireplace doors... (something her big sister to this day does not even know is possible). Farewell my sweet immobile baby... hello TROUBLE!!! It's a good thing you're so stinkin' CUTE!! :)

Don't miss the Easter photos below!!!

Easter 2010

So... pretend I actually took these pictures ON Easter instead of dressing the girls up a week later to take the shots I should have taken the day they were actually wearing them!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Favorite Spring Shots

Funny how much time I spend wishing I had more time... There are so many things I want to catch up on, so many things I want to write down before I forget they ever happened. I daydream throughout the chaos of baby books that are all caught up, photos that are enlarged and proudly displayed on the walls, emails and cards I finally sent off, and housekeeping that continuously stays in order. Perhaps if I spent less time dreaming of these things...

Well... life in our home is flying by. My oldest is just about to turn 2... my youngest now 7 months.

Such a big girl now sitting in a real high chair!!

Ella and Bogey - the horse - I mean DOG, that lives down the street! This kid LOVES dogs!!

Walkin' down to see some ducks. (Elmo in tow of course)

Eric began his new job at Medco nearly a month ago. We couldn't be happier about the whole situation... a 5 minute commute... 8am-5pm M-F... more time with the family... lower stress... less pressure (for now)... He is definitely a happier man. We are just so thankful that God provided this change for him after a very challenging 10 months at Kroger. 13 hour shifts on your feet without breaks should just not be...

Can you say braces?

Apparently they didn't enjoy the Home and Patio show as much as we did.

Ella will be 2 at the end of this month. I call her my parrot... as she likes to repeat every single thing I say. We are amazed every single day by her vocabulary - and are contemplating home school since I'm not really sure what she'll have left to learn by the time Kindergarten rolls around! She is a Mommy's girl... very sweet and so much fun. I think having the opportunity to view life through the eyes of your child has to be one of the greatest gifts ever. Every flower, bird, airplane, and bubble are simply amazing. Sidewalk chalk is the greatest invention ever, and any ailment is cured by a handful of grapes.

A new deluxe kitchen. (Score 1 again for Craigslist - can you tell I'm an addict??)

Cutest picture EVER (even with the puke on the chin)!

I don't know about everyone else out there but we are LOVING the fact that spring has finally arrived!!! Don't remember the winter ever lasting so long before I had kids!! It's amazing what a few flowers and some warm temperatures can do for the soul!! Even a 2 year old's!!!! We purchased a fabulous bike trailer (thank you Craigs List), and had a fence installed just last week - so we're officially SET for summer! I really can't get over what freedom a fence brings when you have a small dog and some kids... Now - we just open the door and who or whatever spills out onto the patio is of absolutely no concern!!! It's a giant play-pen, and I'm SO grateful we were finally able to get it done!

The trouble-makers. No doubt planning their escape.

Claire is proving herself to be the firecracker that I suspected she would be. At 7 months she is crawling like a pro and couldn't be happier with her new found freedom. (Wish I could share in the enthusiasm). She has wasted no time in exploring the things that she's only been able to stare at for the last several months... and I fear we will be stepping up on the baby-proofing this time around. This child knows what she wants - and it's usually paper. :) It's pretty obvious who the "go-getter" will be between these two girls... and as scary as that is - I really can't wait to see how they grow in their relationship. I'd be willing to bet $$ that Claire will be crawling out of her crib long before the idea ever crosses Ella's mind... and I can also tell you who will be ratting the other out on an hourly basis. :) So fun to see their personalities emerge.

Apparently the Elmo obsession does not extend to self-imitation.

An introduction to grass.

Digging her new "ride".

I am managing to keep my head above water while finding myself significantly outnumbered at home most days. We have said over and over since Miss Claire joined the family that 2 is so much more than even twice the work. I had prepared myself for quite the challenge - but still underestimated how difficult it would be to manage the daily tasks at home, with 2 small ones. Lately, I'm coming to accept that if I want time for myself to read, work-out, or just hear myself think - it must happen early in the morning. THAT discipline is a work in progress... but I think I'm getting there. In spite of even the toughest moments... it's more than obvious that these two are worth it.

Finally found a good use for this baby sister thing...