Wednesday, December 2, 2009

3 Months Already!

They say it goes fast... turns out it goes even faster with the second! Claire is 3 months old today and I figured I better blog about since I'm failing at documenting everything else in her life!! Her sweet personality is slowly coming out - even got a couple little giggles out of her yesterday! She's not quite as independent and content as her big sister... basically wants nothing to do with hanging out by herself during her waking hours. But I figure that's because she somehow knows that if I could get away with plopping her in a swing for 3 hours at a stretch - sadly, I probably would! No... little Claire knows that she must take advantage of bonding with Mommy while she can... Thankfully, she is a great sleeper. She's napping in the morning for a couple hours... again in the afternoon for 4-4 1/2 hours!!! And sleeping through the night as well. Such a good girl. No wonder she insists on one on one time when she is awake!!

I wanted to look back and remember what Ella looked like at 3 months... and discovered that was when I snapped some cute shots of her wearing a handmade hat from a dear friend, and laying on the matching blanket she crocheted. Since that same special friend made a hat and blanket for Claire as well... only made sense to do a second photo shoot!! Turns out these two look a LITTLE bit more alike than I thought!

This one is Ella:


Grandma B said...

Oh my....they DO look alike. I would have never guessed. Love to my sweeties.
Miss you all. Love from "Gimma"......or "Ma".

melissa said...

Your girls are so beautiful, and you're right, they do look a lot alike in those pictures. It will be interesting to see whether they start looking even more the same as Claire grows older.

Christi said...

I was actually just looking at your pics and thinking how different Claire looks than Ella...but then I glanced over to your other pictures on the right side and realized they definitely look alike...sisters for sure, but each with their own look!

Bart Saunders said...

First giggle too... how sweet... neat you took the shots on each of their blankets with those sweet hats! Hope you are well... thanks for the prayers for us... HUGE changes here: )

Mare said...

Meghan, she is adorable!!! In that last photo she looks a lot like Ella!

What a beautiful family!!

Love ya,