Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter is Here!

Christmas is coming fast and furious, and we've gotten some good snow lately to go right along with it! In between baking and shopping we managed to find some time to see what this white stuff is all about. Ella seems to like it... for a little while anyway. She and Daddy attempted to build a snowman yesterday... things started out great, but 5 minutes later Daddy was on his own and Ella had had enough! It was all worth it in the end... she even insisted on having her high chair in plain sight of our little "man" out in the backyard for breakfast this morning. A couple days ago we went to Christmas at the Trader's Point Creamery!!! A little cold - but a visit with REAL Reindeer made it ALL worth it!!

"A ball made out of SNOW??!!"

Like it...Like it...

Hate it!... Hate it!...

The finished masterpiece!