Friday, September 11, 2009

The Week in Pictures

Claire's 1st week has been a busy one, that's for sure!! Although, I'm fairly confident that she was completely oblivious to the majority of it... Ella is adjusting really well after a couple of rough days. She has been spiking some high fevers that are either from the horrible molars that are taking their time poking through, or from some mysterious viral infection. Either way, she has been in and out of misery and a new baby sister was not exactly her idea of therapy. My parents have been staying with us and quite frankly I'm not sure we would have survived this week without them! Both girls are waking at night and without their help with Ella, I'm afraid Eric, Ella, Claire and I would have suffered breakdowns by now! :) Despite the drama from a Big Sister who would rather not be... a re-admission to the hospital for a very orange Claire... a cold for Eric and Mommy's sore boobs... we are overwhelmingly happy to finally have our new baby girl!

Ummm.... she's touching me!

"Big" and "Little"

"Do I know you?"

Aunt Julie, Cousin Emma

Ella trying to bribe Grandma Cook with cuddles in hopes she won't notice the new baby in the room.

So tired.

Doing a little tanning.

Triple lights!

"Good Mommy. Let's leave her here!"

Happy to be home... wait... she never even noticed she left.


andrew,betsy,& noura said...

i loooove the new pics! Sorry to hear what a crazy time its been between teething and jaundice! I hope it starts to calm down for you guys! Shes beautiful and Ella is going to make a great big sister once she gets the hang of sharing! I love the pic with her and her grandma!

Jackie said...

Claire is adorable.
Thanks for posting pics & for the health update on her.
Hope you are adjusting more each day to your "new" life.
Blessings to you, Eric & your precious angels.

Lisa said...

I love all these new pics! Claire is soooooo cute! She was even cuter in technocolor...but I guess she needed the bili-lights. Darn. :) I am so glad she is out of the hospital and back home! Hopefully Ella will come around soon. Until then I'm REALLY enjoying all the funny faces she's making.

Anonymous said...

What darlings. The pictures are precious and the comments typically you, Meghan! I am glad that everything is better this week. Thank goodness the grandparents were there to help. You and Eric have two little treasures!!

Grandma Pat

Bart Saunders said...

More clothes arrived today for Claire from Kansas Children's Place Outlet: ) We will ship the box through Walker still got to have the discount we are accustom to!! I keep looking at her photos it is so neat to see ho see their changes as they grow. She has YOUR hair-line and color obviously... can't wait to see more and enjoy your comments as always!!