Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Back to the Hospital

Baby Claire was readmitted to the hospital tonight for a high bilirubin level. Poor thing has been turning a brighter and brighter shade of orange over the last few days, and bloodwork today indicated she needs phototherapy (triple lights in fact). All in all it's the an issue that typically is easily resolved... and we hope to maybe even return home tomorrow. Still, prayers would be appreciated... for her levels to drop quickly, as well as for Ella - who has become quite the Mommy's girl over the last few days. There is a horrible ailment called teething which has been wreaking havoc on her sleep - and mood! The new addition does not help a whole lot, and I can only hope that my absence will go unnoticed by her tomorrow. Thank GOODNESS for Grandma!!! What in the WORLD would we do without her being here?!


Jessica said...

I am saying a prayer for little Claire right now. I will also be praying for you (not fun in the hospital) that she gets well quickly. Also for Ella, that she will not miss you TOO much..and you're right, thank goodness for grandma's! :)

Jackie said...

Praying for Claire & all of you right now. Sure hope things get back to normal w/ Claire soon.