Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Speaking of the Little Man...

Some wonderful friends emailed me some photos this week that I've been waiting to see for about 2 years now. The hospital in Reno have placed Ricky's bench... and with it, his legacy continues. I feel so honored to have known this little boy in the way that I did. And while this public memorial - beautiful as it is - cannot possibly do justice to the impact his short life had on this earth... I feel so blessed that we have been allowed to make an attempt.
My family and I will be traveling out to see it for ourselves in person in just a couple weeks. I am SO excited to take Ella on her first trip to Reno. Can't wait to show her around the city I lived and love so very much, bring her to Tahoe and maybe take a little dip... (OK... scratch the dip part... that water is steakin' FREEZING!). And most of all... I cannot wait for her to meet the Saint Mary's NICU family that made it possible for me to care for a big brother she never got to meet, and close friends who never left my side through it all. October 27th marks 3 years since Ricky left this earth... and there is nowhere else that I want to be but there.
Break out the Kleenex folks! (And I don't mean that cheap tissue paper they keep in the unit!) This trip will probably call for Puffs Plus with Lotion!!


Mare said...

They must have just put the bench out. I worked on Monday night and it wasn't there Tuesday morning. Every night I walk into work I will be able to see it. Tears already...definitly Puff Plus with Lotion!!!

Let me know when you'll be arriving...we'll do lunch. I can't wait to meet Ella.


Jackie said...

The bench is beautiful. I know you must be so anxious to see it in person.

I will remember you in prayer as you anticipate your trip.

With love,

Jessica said...

Meghan...the bench turned out absolutely beautiful!! What a special place for so many people to "meet" Ricky, and for them to reflect or remember their own lost ones! I am so happy that it is finally complete, and in place for your visit. I will be praying for you all during this wonderful and emotional journey you will be taking! Love you!!


Hummel Family said...

Oh Meghan! So beautiful. I am so happy for you. I'll be thinking of you as you make the trek out to see Ricky's bench.