Friday, June 20, 2008

Shout Out

Ella just wanted to give a little "shout out" to her biggest blog fan... her big cousin Mia. Mia's only 5, but we hear from Grandma Cook that she's checking the website regularly to see how her baby cousin is doing. She's recently admitted that Ella is actually "cuter than her!", but we all think they are both totally adorable!

Ella loves you Mia, and she can't wait to show you her toothless grin in person! She can't wait to learn all the things you're planning to teach her!

(scroll down for more smiles!)


Anonymous said...

She is a crack-up !
So darling !

Bless you all.
Jackie (Marion, IN)

Scott and Lisa said...

She is getting cuter and cuter. How is that possible!! This picture is my favorite so far. :)

Anonymous said...

i love Ella so much!!!
she is so cute.
when is she coming over to visit??

Love Mia

Mare said...

She is getting so big...and oh, how cute! You just want to pinch those chubby cheeks.


P.S. Yes, I am going to Grace.

Weinberg Family said...

Hey Meg...she is beautiful! Are you going to be in Chicago at all this summer? I would love to be able to catch up with you.