Monday, June 9, 2008

And the Club Grows....

I am so excited! Bloggers are coming out of the woodwork and they are all good friends of mine!! Some say I pressured them into it... I say "Great! I'm glad it worked!" Now what's wrong with the rest of you?!
Since everyone hopes to have others read and comment what they write... here are the blog addresses of some friends you need to know:

Marylea (left of me):

Natalie (right of me)

My friend Stacey from Reno (left)... her baby Peter got cut out of the picture, but you'll see more on her blog at:

Carrie (right), has had a blog... but she's recently been redeeming her nickname listed on the right... so give her a second chance and check her out! :)

Definitely not the greatest picture of us... but this is my cousin Lisa. She'll soon be "Dr. Lisa" so follow her fun med school journey at:
p.s: her most recent post is a super hilarious video that you have to check out!


Scott and Lisa said...

Thanks for the plug!! I'll forgive the picture! Yikes! :)