Friday, August 10, 2012

In Review:

May 18th: Kathryn Olivia joined our family. It was instantly unanimous... We all decided she was a keeper!

Sometimes the blessings are overwhelming... In a good way of course. I often find myself staring at them all. Sometimes in wonder of the miracles they are, sometimes in amazement that I was chosen to be the one to Mother them, and often... in exhaustive bewilderment of what in the world we've gotten ourselves into!! There are most definitely days when I long for the old days of "freedom"... when I could walk out the door and jump in my car with nothing but a purse in hand... Days when I didn't have to explain every noise or move I made to a child who can never have enough explanations. But 6 years later, I remember vividly how my heart and thoughts spent those days of "freedom" wanting nothing less than all that I now have. Truly, by my own standards set way back when... I have "arrived". I don't pretend to really believe that that statement is true, but what is true, is that I have been beyond blessed - particularly throughout the last 8 years, beginning with a precious baby boy. I know many, who would give up a limb for the chance to have one day of the chaos I experience constantly... So thank you Lord - for the constant noise, the lack of privacy, even the heartache of missing the one who couldn't stay. I am thankful for it all!