Friday, February 11, 2011


It seems like it was 6 months ago... but it was actually just a couple weeks ago that Eric and I found ourselves living the high life, soaking up some rays while being lavishly served morning until night, at an adults only, all-inclusive resort (emphasis on the adult's only part), in Cancun, Mexico. Papa and Grandma bravely and selflessly took on a week alone with the girls so we could enjoy some time away. It was the first true vacation we have taken alone - since our Honeymoon, which I'm sure would be said for most of our friends with young families. I can honestly say it was the most relaxing vacation I have ever had. There was little to do aside from lounging, and that was A-OK with us! With the exception of a short shopping trip to a nearby town, and a snorkeling adventure, we had no desire to leave such a fabulous resort. There was 24hr all-included room service, food pretty much everywhere you turned (even a soft serve ice cream dispenser by the pool!!!), and pretty much anywhere you sat down someone was bound to show up and ask if they could bring you something!! We soaked up every bit of it that we could, and came away feeling grateful that we were able to take such a wonderful "time-out", knowing that our girls were more than cared for. I learned how to take deep-breaths again, we both re-learned the art of sitting and "just reading", and enjoyed recalling the days (albeit the FEW days), when it was "just the two of us". In the end, we enjoyed it thoroughly, but only because we knew that the "real world" and all that completed who we have become, was waiting patiently for us back home. I believe wholeheartedly that we will be better parents... if we make a point of taking these "time outs", sporadically in the future. My husband reassures me this 5 star vacation does not re-appear in his foreseeable financial future, but lucky for him... God blessed and balanced him with a not-so-practical wife. :)

View from our balcony...

The only town we visited. Great people watching, and very fascinating... but very Americanized. Paid more for my conditioner there than I would have at home!

Tables and chairs in the pool... why not!

The icky Iguanas lived amongst us...

The beach was gorgeous! You could walk out forever into the water and never step on ONE thing! Not even seaweed!!!

Setting out on our snorkeling adventure!

Bottoms Up!

I drank in a mouthful of salt water just as he was taking this shot...

Eric had a hard time relaxing.

Our balcony...

This the picture I plan to use to remind him when it's time to go back next year... :)