Sunday, May 16, 2010

Claire - 8 Months

If you haven't caught on already, this is our little firecracker. She was sent to us so that we would appreciate all the more the ease and tentative nature of our firstborn, and no doubt to instill empathy for the parents out there who are all too familiar with "the strong-willed child". Out of the two... we're pretty sure we know who will be sneaking out, and who will be ratting out. I can almost guarantee which one we will find climbing trees and who will hide away in their room reading books... Claire will probably crawl out of her crib long before Ella even realizes she's sleeping behind bars, and she will most certainly require those buckle restraint things they put in high chairs and shopping carts. (Ella always thought they were there as some sort of puzzle entertainment... I figured the same.) Claire refuses to be rocked and rarely settles down for a snuggle. But place in her in crib with her teddy bear and music and she'll smile happily and be asleep in a minute. She's pulling herself up to a standing position and trying to take steps while holding our hand. (Ella had yet to even start crawling at this point). She's already fallen and hit her head more times than I can count, prefers regular food to that BABY bottle most days, and is already doing her darnedest to show her older sister who's boss. All in all she's definitely given Mommy a run for her money pretty much day 1... but I can honestly say in the same breath that she is and probably always will be a LOAD of fun. Mixed in with all the strength and determination however, is such a sweet and happy spirit. We can't get enough of her and love the added dynamic she is bringing to our family!


Eric said...

Daddy's sweet little bear. Nobody has commented on your post, so I will and tell you how much I love you. You are a smiley little girl always on the go. You don't cuddle much these days, probably because you have so many new things to see and do. We love having you in our family and your face always brightens my day.