Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Claire Elise - 5 Months

5 months have come and gone since this sweet baby entered our lives... she's laughing, rolling, eating, and puking just like a real baby now. We're entering what is one of my many favorite ages - where the newborn suddenly becomes a cute roly poly human being - complete with personality and charm. Claire has a sweet temperament, and has been quite the chatter box for some time now. I'm guessing she will be a little more outgoing - and although we are praying against it - possibly more of a dare devil than her big sister. She loves watching her big sister - hates being alone - jumps so much in her Jumperoo we're sure she's going to break it - and rarely fails to give you a smile when you need one.

This past Sunday we had Claire dedicated at church.
My pretty French dress. Thanks Aunt Susie!

Tired of Dedication Day...

And because I love to see how much they look (or don't look) alike... here's a 5 month comparison shot!




Mary Beth said...

Beautiful dress! Can't believe she's 5 months old already!

Bart Saunders said...

So cute Meg... hope they will bring out the best in each other as they grow up:) Gotta love that darn Jumparoo thing!

Unknown said...

She is so beautiful Meghan! ;) I love her dress also. It is amazing how similiar Ella and Claire look alike. ;)

oijoyphoto - the dad said...

ella is a johnson, 100%. claire on the other hand, seems to have her entire chin in-tact! good job meghan, i think mommy won out on baby#2.