Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall Indiana Days

Friday, October 9, 2009

Photo Update

Well I can safely say that parenting has officially become "a challenge". Just as we suspected, Ella was saving up all her tricks to unleash in some form of cruel revenge upon the arrival of her baby sister. She spends her mornings charming us with nothing but sweet, adorable demonstrations of growing into a little person, and then somehow while she is sleeping... she is able to morph herself into a sneaky little rebel who looks exactly like the baby girl we spent the earlier hours with... but in fact cannot possibly be.

Claire flies under the radar most of the time thanks to big sister. She is overall a really good baby. My favorite are the cooing sounds that I don't ever recalling having the pleasure of hearing from Ella. Lately, she prefers to be held - a luxury I try to explain is not generally afforded to a second child - but she won't hear of that. She does sleep periodically at night for chunks of time, but definitely does not seem interested in forfieting her late night bonding with mommy completely. She is growing more and more alert each day - and we adore her.

So far, the girls look very different. What hair Claire has, is extremely blond - while Ella was much darker. Can't wait to see how things develop over time. Ella has adjusted very well to having a newbie in the house. She fondly points to baby "Care", as well as gives her many kisses (something the rest of us are apparently unworthy of).

So here are a few more pictures for those who are looking!! My time on the computer has diminished to about 5 minutes a day - with the exception of the times I am able to swipe my husbands iPhone... so blogging is a challenge unfortunatly. But I'm doing my best!!!

Ella's obsession: remote controls

Watching Daddy install cabinet locks... no doubt she's taking note of exactly how to operate them and will have them open in no time.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to My Favorite Little Man...

Wishing the party was here this year... but I know you're having a far better time than we could ever show you...