Friday, June 26, 2009


Since I've been a lazy blogger... here's a few pics from the last few weeks - so I can rest easy knowing I've actually posted something lately!

Daddy trying to figure out how bubbles work...

Miss Kara and Ella - obviously bonding through an inside joke.

Faith and the girls... if only we all had her energy. (And I do mean Faith's.)


Boppo and Ella... she's still not sure about that beard.

Feeling a little more comfortable with Nana... perhaps it's the lack of facial hair...

Nana out and about - feeling so much better after weeks in bed.

Enough said.

Dr. Lisa - at her graduation party a couple weeks ago! Congratulations again!!

WOW! These things really work!

A rare photo op with Mommy...

We may not all look alike... but we all LOVE to shop!


melissa said...

Love the photos! Especially the one with her peeking through the playground equipment. Adorable!

I'm excited to see you in a couple weeks!

Sande said...

Great pics .... puts some depth into yesterdays thought trail.

[that comment is better explained here]

Mr. B said...

Delightful! Love to you all!! Thanks for the pick-me-up!!!!

Bethany said...

Love the pics! You have a beautiful family. I miss you, I emailed you a few times but never heard back. I must have the wrong address.

Your old roomie,