Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Photos

I've decided that one of my favorite things ever - is receiving
Christmas photos each year. Seriously... I absolutely love seeing
updated pictures of friends and family that I haven't seen in awhile.
Receiving one of these awesome photos in the mail makes me feel
special... and in some twisted way it takes me back to grade school
when the more school photos of friends you had, the cooler you were!
(I'll ignore the eye rolls from my husband, and probably many others,
for that comment).

Listen. I was never popular... so this is my chance.
I've decided to make it a personal goal to collect as many Christmas
pictures of people as possible. Sure, I'd prefer to know them... but
really - no one who sees my collection will have much of an idea as to
whether I know everybody or not! I suppose this goal would also require
that I continue to make as many friends as possible.

So please. If you haven't sent me your family photo, either incidentally
or intentionally... would you mind re-considering for the sake of my
collection and my quest for "coolness"? And for those of you who opted out of this somewhat
oppressive project, maybe you could just take a quick snapshot for my
benefit?? Sure, I'd prefer the fun decor and layout of the Snap fish or even Wal-Mart variety, but Christmas is in fact just 9 days away and I'll make exceptions for the sake of time.

Another point I have to make because it's a little pet peeve of mine. Please don't take offense if you are already guilty of this issue... but please include yourselves in the photos rather than JUST your children!! I LOVE to see those adorable kids growing up... but unless they are paying rent and having the pictures printed themselves... I want to see the adorable parents faces plastered right along next to them as well! Give yourselves some credit! Who cares if you haven't been to a hair salon for two years and have wrinkles mapping their way across your face! Those kids PUT them there and you deserve to be recognized!!

Another tip since I'm now setting some Christmas photo guidelines:
While I have received a couple very lovely "Costco Christmas
Photo" specials... I personally cannot recommend them from my own
experience. Those of you who were privileged enough (or burdened
perhaps), to receive Eric and my photo this year, will notice that we
are a lovely shade of Grinch green. If I had been my mother's daughter,
I would have promptly returned to the counter and demanded they be
re-printed. But... I am pregnant... the line was forever long... my
feet were hurting... and I had to pee. Enough said.

Merry Christmas from the Green Johnsons.

(P.S: Where is everybody out there in blogland???)


yellowgirl said...

haha. good post. everyone is busy, because Christmas is close! I love the pictures too, but truly? As much crap as people hear about the Christmas letters bragging up your family... I love them. I love letters knowing what people are doing, so I'd say send the picture AND the letter!

janet l moran said...

I love Christmas letters & photos too! Meg, your letter was so well written and sweet. Hope to see you both while in Kokomo.

Anonymous said...

In honor of one of the best Christmas movies ever - The Grinch (animated) - I actually appreciate your Christmas Card greenness. Certainly better than the open-mouth, palms-on-cheeks kid from that other Christmas movie - Home Alone! Some people don't know a great Christmas movie when they see one...

Meghan said...

Don't you knock Home Alone Amanda! Anyone who would prefer to watch a nasty green gremlin destroy the joy and beauty of the season over a poor little boy left home by himself who insists on keeping the spirit of Christmas alive... needs to have their emotional well-being evaluated! Shall I recommend a physician??

(Regardless of your poor taste in films... thanks for appreciating our photo... :)

Christy said...

I hear you Meghan! I love getting christmas cards in the mail also! And I tottaly agree about how the parents should always be in them!! I'd love to send you one. E-mail me your address! I'm sure I could get it their before Christmas!

andrew,betsy,& noura said...

i love your post! i feel the SAME way about getting Christmas pics!whew! i'm glad we put ourselves in the picture, and not just Noura!

Anonymous said...

Hey Meghan...

I'm finally making a blogging comeback and I'm here again! My Christmas cards usually turn into more like New Years cards....I never seem to get them out in time! Each year it gets later and later....I just figure the later they get, the less they get lost in the shuffle of all the other cards! And I agree about the parents being in the pic...the kids are cute and all...but dog'gone it if they didn't put those wrinkles on my face and I dont' deserve a little camera time too!!!!

As soon as we get a family pic (that's usually always the hold up on the cards) I'll send one your way!

Anonymous said...

The Grinch has a great message! What is the message of Home Alone - make sure to count your kids before you get on a plane? Don't be afraid of the scary, old dude living next door? When confronted with robbers, don't have the police handle it - instead, set up traps to catch the bad guys?

Jessica said...

My favorite all time Christmas movie....Christmas Vacation! Totally no message, just freakin' hilarious!! :) Not that anybody asked me!

Meghan said...

That one is definitely right behind Home Alone Jess... especially since I'm no longer 8 years old. :)

Anonymous said...

I read this and had to smile, I agree when parents are not in the picture, so silly. So talking about pictures, where in the heck are some of you and this baby in your belly? I would like to see some new pictures of you, your honey and this baby!!!

Anonymous said...

I totally understand what you mean about getting cards! I can't wait to have a family of my own so I can send out family photos and cards. How about an address and I will send you my holiday letter!